For a convenient and easy way to get an evaluation or therapy session if need be, Innovative Myo Therapy offers online teletherapy using the most popular and safe platforms.  Platforms Innovative Myo is using include, Skype, and Zoom.  The initial evaluation can take up to two hours. All other appointments allow at least 30-40 minutes for therapy sessions. 

You will be able to actively participate in your child’s appointments and depending on the concern we offer a variety of myofunctional treatment plans, all of which are tailored specifically to the patient’s unique needs which will restore the function of the orofacial complex, eliminate dysfunctional breathing patterns and habits. The results our patients have experienced have been life-changing.  

(downloadable observation)

Images Needed:

See the contact sheet for photos needed.  Please use a plain wall and good lighting for posture and facial pictures  In the mouth pictures you can use mouth retractor or  2 large tablespoons if retractor is not tolerated.  If using your phone and getting mouth pictures make sure all of the images are in the frame.  The better the picture the better the assessment. 

  (downloadable contact sheet)


Please note supplies shipped for evaluation are subject to shipping cost however,  you will have to supply food. Something chewy like a cereal bar, something crunchy like goldfish or pretzels, something smooth like pudding or yogurt and jello that can be tolerated.  I also ask you to have a clear glass to drink out of.

If you would like to acquire the supplies your self for therapy below is a list.  If you would like Innovative Myo to ship supplies shipping has to be pre-paid. (downloadable supplies list)

Video Call

New patients: Please make sure you fill out the new patient and Covid forms before you begin the call.

Teletherapy Forms:

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