Prolonged Pacifier Use
Prolonged Pacifier Use Mouth Teeth
Prolonged Pacifier Use Mouth Teeth and Bite Issues

During the first years of life, sucking is a natural instinctive behavior. After the first year, sucking becomes less of an instinctive need and more of a habit. Unfortunately, many children do not outgrow this habit during the toddler years and we can begin to notice OMD’s as a result.

Most thumb, finger or pacifier users have an anterior open bite and a tongue thrust. When the digit or pacifier is between the teeth and on top of the tongue, the teeth cannot fully erupt into a normal position and the tongue is pushed down into an unnatural low and forward resting posture.

The therapist can offer a Thumb/Pacifier Elimination Program for children ages 4 and up who cannot stop the habit on their own. Therapist feel that this process should be fun and rewarding, not stressful and difficult! We team up with the child and parent to help them learn positive ways to eliminate the habit. Most children quit completely within 10 days of starting the program!