Tongue Exercise – Sting Rays

To develop a 'bowl' position; place a small/light item for sensory, Ask patient to make a 'candy dish', Increase both weight and endurance Alternative/Modification: Can alternate with flat tongue. Enhances: Transversus/Superior Longitudinal/Inferior Longitudinal/Palatoglossus "Bowl" position.

Tongue Exercise – Ta-Ta-Ta

Keeping the tongue completely in the mouth, bring the tip to "spot" and say "Ta”. Hold a piece of paper in front of the mouth while doing this exercise. If the tongue is tapping the spot correctly, the paper will move.

Tongue Exercise – Wheels on the Bus

Place two M&M'S flat on tongue, Curl tongue into a "taco hold' and wiggle to guide M&M to stand up like a wheel, After M&M is in position, count to 10. This may take several trials Alternative/Modification: Try Three! Enhances: Styloglossus/Interior Longitudinal/Superior Longitudinal/Vertical and Transverse muscles

Tongue Exercise – Tongue Waves

Scratch tip of tongue with stick, Touch lingual gingiva of mandibular canines, Tap tip of tongue and ask patient to touch inside of canine, Scratch lateral edge of tongue to encourage lift. Hold for count. Enhances: Tip control/Tranversus/Superior longitudinal/Interior longitudinal Myohyoid