Buccinator Exercise – Pipe Blows

See how long you can make ball hover. Alternative/Modification: Also hold elastic with the tip of the tongue to the ‘spot’. Enhances: Orbicularis Oris/Orbicularis Oculi/Zygomaticus Major.

Buccinator Exercise – Straw Drink

Place a straw into cup and the other end flat against upper teeth. Put your tongue tip to the spot with elastic. Seal lips tight. You must keep teeth together, then time the drinking process. Goal: suck up a ¼ cup of water under 30 seconds Enhances: Buccinator/Risorius/Suction and peristaltic action

Buccinator Exercise – Balloon Pops

Fill cheeks with air, seal lips tight, use a flat hand to quickly squeeze the air out with a burst of sound. Enhances: Buccinator/Orbicularis Oris/Risorius.