Incorrect Swallowing Young Boy
Incorrect Swallowing Babies
Incorrect Swallowing Infants

When the tongue is resting low and forward in the mouth and it is thrusting forward during swallowing, there are many symptoms that occur while eating. The tongue often comes forward to meet the utensil or cup when eating or drinking. The lips often squeeze together and the chin has a bunched appearance when swallowing. Eating and drinking may be messy or noisy. The patient often chews with lips open. Children may also be thought of by parents as “picky eaters” simply because they cannot manipulate certain textures of food as a result of their OMD. During therapy, the therapist trains the lips and tongue to work in a correct swallowing pattern, using multiple exercises to re-learn how to correctly chew and swallow a variety of textures of food and drink.

Our goal as therapists is to not only correct Orofacial Muscle Dysfunctions, but to help our patients create new habits. Habituation is essential to a successful program! The treatment plans are customized for each patient, and can often be implemented without interruption to your dental or orthodontic treatment goals. Let’s partner with you to create a harmonious oral environment.