Getting Started

If you are new to Innovative Myofunctional Therapy, welcome. We are looking forward to working with you.

Myofunctional Therapy is a special kind of therapy that focuses on the function and muscles of the mouth, tongue, and face which are imperative to mouth breathing sleep disorder breathing, chewing,oral swallowing and speech. These muscles support growth and facial development, as well as promoting dental health and airway health.

All new patients will need to be available to participate in a 30-minute call or Zoom Intake meeting. This is a virtual meeting using your cell phone or computer.

Prior to scheduling your personal Zoom Intake meeting, please fill out the basic paperwork and email the completed documents. 

Once we have your paperwork, we can schedule a 30-minute call or Zoom meeting with you to do the initial Intake.

There is a fee of $50 for the intake meeting. This must be paid prior to the 30-minute call or Zoom Intake Meeting. We accept the following payment methods: Zelle, Venmo, if credit card used please add 4% for processing fees.

Once we complete the initial Intake meeting, we will determine if we can help you with your particular situation. If so, a full evaluation date will be set up and your $50 will go towards your evaluation fee. If either you choose to not move forward or it’s determined you need to start somewhere else, you will have the information you need. Thank you.